Bus update!

Oh sweet, sweet blog! How I love thee. We have finally moved into the bus completely and we love it. Absolutely love it. I often look at it and think to myself about every inch that is mine. There is no mortgage on these wheels. There is no mortgage on my wood stove. There is … More Bus update!

I really wanted to watch the wolf on wall street tonight, but the reviews told me it was not the movie for me, so the Mr and I stayed up late to watch the pursuit of happyness instead. I needed this movie. Not just because it shows the daily grind and determination you need to … More

Happy Mother’s Day to the minivan moms, the suv moms, the truck, car, and bus riding moms! To the breast, formula, hippie and conventional moms! To the sweet gentle, hardcore tiger, and somewhere in between moms! To the moms that grit their teeth and the moms that knock teeth out! Happy Mother’s Day to you … More

Don’t waste your life on what makes you happy. Look around you. The people watching TV and petting their cats are happy. The people paying bills and driving a car that’s falling apart are happy. The couple that is just barely hanging by a thread are happy. Go for ecstatic. Go for excitable. Go for … More

Bus update!

I can’t tell you where time goes when you aren’t using it, but when you are busy round the clock I swear time just doesn’t even come by anymore 😉 Here are bus updates! And because my big kid 6 year old does not believe in the camera anymore here are a few kid photos … More Bus update!